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Case Study of Olvy

Thanks a lot for taking out time and doing this case study with us. Here are some simple questions that we have curated for you to fill up, also we have added help text to help you directionally on how to write the answers for each of the questions.

What did your user feedback workflow look like before Olvy, and when did you feel the need to try a tool like Olvy?

Feel free to mention the tools you used, Slack, Google Sheets, or something else. What was the trigger point that made you go “there has to be a better way”

What sources have you integrated Olvy with, and how does it help you bring all your feedback together?

Where do your users hang out, and if there was any place where you weren’t listening for feedback before but are doing now.

Have you used the AI Copilot feature for analysing your user feedback? What did it help you learn?

Here you can talk about how you are using the Olvy AI Co-Pilot for Feedback Summarization, keyword analysis or may be understanding the sentiment of your users.

Which teams or people at your company primarily use Olvy, and what do they like about it?

These could be your product team for analysing the feedback, and customer facing teams adding all feedback they receive, and more.

How has Olvy helped you improve your product, do you have any stories of features you’ve recently shipped and closed the loop on via Olvy?

How has Olvy helped you discover user requests, ship those improvements your users want and keep them updated.

Who at your company maintains your changelog, and what is the impact you’ve seen from doing it regularly?

Is it the product team that is owning your changelog, or your documentation team, or is it everyone who’s adding to it. How have your users responded to you maintaining the changelog.

How has Olvy helped to be more efficient with time and customers, and what advice do you have for other companies beginning their journey with Olvy?

How did Olvy help you save on time, money, or resources and share if something worked for you that you want to share with others.

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